Sanskrit Tattoo Designs: How To Find Your Tattoo Designs Online

Published: 10th September 2008
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Are tattoos only for punks and sailors? I should say not! Certainly, in the recent past of Western civilization, only the less reputable segments of society bore tattoos. But this has not always been the case in history. For example, in 300 B.C. Egypt, tattoos were made to promote fertility. Early Japanese civilization, in 300 B.C., also sported religious tattoos. For the last 5000 years, Indian and Arab women have used temporary tattoos and body art for bridal make-up. In 6th century AD, veteran Roman soldiers who served in Britain were honored with a special tattoo.

As you can see, at various times in human history, tattoos have served an honorable function. Today, discrete tattoo designs like the celtic cross and Sanskrit tattoo designs are making a comeback. You can see Sanskrit tattoo designs in popular culture - Jessica Alba has a "padma" or lotus tattoo on her right inner wrist; Alyssa Milano has an "om" tattoo on her wrist. Many young women today have lower back tattoos, often a small heart or flower.

There are other popular Sanskrit tattoo designs, like the Trishula (trident) and the lotus flower with Om symbol. These beautiful designs are not just for religious or spiritual persons. In these modern times, anyone can wear them in any colors and arrangement.

Sanskrit is an ancient language, believed by some linguists to be the mother of all languages. Today, you will often find it used in Hindu religious texts and ancient Yogic writings. You can find some very good verses in the mythic Hindu text, Baghavad-gita, for use as an armband tattoo or sleeve tattoo. If you prefer, you can translate your favorite English quote in Sanskrit and use that instead. It is definitely more unique than using just plain old English words.

You may wonder - is it difficult to get these translations? Not today. There are many language translation websites on the Internet. Some of them feature an English to Sanskrit translation. You can use these to help you create your Sanskrit tattoo designs. Using these websites is simple. Just enter your quote in English, pick the desire language (e.g. Sanskrit), and hit "Submit". Even if you only translated a single word, it is better not to keep the translation in memory. Tattoo designs in foreign languages can be difficult to remember correctly. It is better to print out the translated page.

Modern technology makes life very convenient. The Internet makes it easy to find downloadable images of Sanskrit tattoo designs. Just show the color printout of the tattoo to your tattoo shop to get it done. If you do not like the existing designs, just visit the online tattoo galleries for inspiration. You can use the search engines of websites like TattooFinder, BullseyeTattoos and TattooJohnny to find various tattoo images like dreamcatcher tattoo designs, Japanese and Arabic letters.

On many tattoo websites, you can also find a lot of other information - for example different styles of tattoos and different versions of the same tattoo image. Learn where most people place their tattoos, and why. For example, why are lower back tattoos so popular with young women? Or what are the most painful areas for tattoos?

You should also visit tattoo forums as well. Enthusiastic tattoo practitioners and tattoo hobbyists gather at these membership sites to talk about their favorite tattoos. They exchange information and advice, and show off their own designs. You can also ask the forum members to recommend a good tattoo parlor near where you stay. The great thing about these forums is that you can sometimes pick up a very cool Sanskrit tattoo designs you cannot find anywhere else.

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